Thursday, April 10, 2014

School family day

Finally caught the big one!

A little more...

Doug stays busy!!!!! I like little projects every once in a while and we had a very blank it's covered in riches!!
Boys keep working hard at schoolwork!
Most exciting event lately was having Aunt Sandra with us for a little while!!!
This is Doug's grandma and we love her so much!

Everyday life

Lukas had some heart issues to work on at school ... We had some victories and rewarded with popcorn that is sold outside the school everyday. Meat anyone? It's just a little different here doing a little meat shopping.
We like to try new fruits....this one is amazing!!
 Darius had an accident.... He is such a servant although this time turned nasty!!!
Hooked up from Aunt Sandra with spray!! Oh the conveniences of the States!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Boys do so good listening to daddy preach! Well, most times. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Stopped for gas.....and there were lots of fun things for sale!

Road Salvador

A long trip, my friends! We divided it up on the way there and stayed with the sweetest friends! It is amazing how God's family often upholds us!

Sugar cane!

My "pull over I gotta eat or I will pass out" snack

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Letting go....a little

Recife is so dangerous and I struggled the first months especially. It is officially a year and I have had to loosen up. So the big day- I let Darius walk across the street and get bread for breakfast.( I watched from the porch the whole time).

First week back to school.
Sollie started soccer.
I made sour cream.
I am tired, but so thankful!!!!


He made me start wearing a whistle and I don't like it!!! Tuesdays and Thursdays are busy busy....

Guava fruit....

We miss Washington apples!!!

I ran down to the store for our apple snack and usually take my little cart. I took a pic to show u how close the store is from our apartment. We live in one of the most walkable neighborhoods around. So thankful!!

Still time to play

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First day back to school

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lukas is 5

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Vacation from school!!!

Sollie lost his second tooth and having an auntie around made the old tooth fairy look cheapo.

This was a pic from our fun time in Carneiros. We had the kids eat first.....ya know- so there was room and all.

Now this is vacation for Dad.

Then we met some dear friends in Serrambi. Some of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen!

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