Friday, June 25, 2010

A night with our Bivo

We had a special night with our Bivo (that means great grandma) from Brazil. A big party with lots of toasting and personal pizzas. Most greatgrandmas wouldn't love the pizza . . .but she is just the best. She even watched a dog sled movie and ate popcorn with us all. I even saw her kicking a soccer ball with Lukas. 91 and going strong.


We had our first big kiddie sports day with our friends from church. We looked so forward to it and it was a perfect time for the boys. Then, I was surprised with a baby shower for baby . . . it was a little convicting seeing as I have been so tired and cranky lately. I guess the Lord's people never tire of being kind and generous. You ladies are so good to me and I love you dearly. Thank you.

Surprise Baby Shower

It was fun for the boys to actually be in on a baby shower. They have wondered what these "girls only" showers were. Nice to have them there.

Ok, more pics from famous, fabulous Kristal

soccer continued. . .

Zayin was up early with his cleats and shin guards on . . .then waited in the car for me for some time.

Sollie was airborne.

Kiddie Sports with friends from Church

Bath time again and again and again

. . . at least bath time is more fun now a days with a new big tub.

Thanks Dan!

Thanks for making the trip, Daniel! You are a great brother and make everyone so happy around here.

World Cup

We take it serious around here.

He did it!!!!!

June 14th, 2010

Graduation Day for Daddy


Otherwise known as Kaka (some of you might appreciate the name more after these world cup games), these are the last weeks of little Kaka being the baby around here.

Play Play Play

A few more from the party.

So, adding a few to the party pictures from my fabulous friend. Why are her pictures always the best? Thanks, Kristal!

Lots of love these days before baby.

The note was posted at the top of the stairs for me along with fresh picked mint all ready to use. "We love you . . .Mom, rest we will be your slaves." To mom from Darius, Zayin, Titus and Sollie

Graduation Party

We had a big celebration for our graduates. Congrats, to Rhaquel and Ian from high school, Tara from college, and Doug from seminary. What a fun time!

Somehow, Sollie got to be first in line to run and hunt for candy in the hay bails . . . such a fun game. Thanks Hugheys for the fun time.

Finally, cousin time!!!

And, girl toys too.

Which, is very fun for some.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Frame it.

I am finally learning to laugh and just enjoy it. I happened to have a camera nearby. Ya know, really, if us moms really blogged everything in our day you couldn't handle it.

Quiet hours!

It was a brutal day for Zayin with a cut on his head, but he slightly enjoyed being Rambo for the next few days. Gotta love that kid's tylenol.

This is really what happy hour is.


Titus woke up late and snagged the plate of fruit all to himself. He actually ate most of it. He was so happy.