Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ah, more lovin!

Titus, does just everyone love you?
So, this picture is out there for all you complaining that we aren't putting pictures of us on the blog. Can't you tell I am excited for this picture?
This pic was not set up . . . he is just absolutely adored.
This would be Sollie opening up his gifts . . getting a little help! Yes, Zayin still has food on his face. Yes, Darius is wearing his Brazil shirt. . . if you are all really so sick of those same outfits--well, maybe you could send them some new clothes.


Sollie's 1st birthday cupcake!!!

This would be me trying to start a tradition having a birthday picture of me and Sollie. His first birthday, my birthday . . .whatever, this would be Sollie just trying to let me taste his leftover frosting . . .notice there is not much. I was sure into the moment anyway.
Yes, that would be food on Zayin's face. There is always food on Zayin's face.
Notice the pants unbuttoned . . .is he his father's son or what!?!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Birthday dance!

Come on everybody, let's party!
So BIG!!!

Birthday events of the day.

Opening a present, well . . . eating it anyway.
Darius reading the note from Grandma and Grandpa Kottke.
Do I see potential here?
Solomon's favorite toys.

happy birthday Solomon!

It's Solomon's first birthday. What fun!
Sollie giving mommy his birthday lovin!
This would be Sollie on his first birthday with Mr. Rogers. Just so you all know, I try hard. I even got him a new tie since he was wearing the one he stole from his Dad and another hand me down. But, nope, he had to grab his Dad's cardigan. What do I say?

uuuh, ok, Titus!

I believe the phrase was something like, "mom, what happens if I ate one of these?"

A little more shopping.

So, we had a few wedding gifts to look for at Bed Bath and Beyond. I think we were sidetracked, but this kept everyone happy! (Kottke's: doesn't Darius look like Isaiah in this pic?) Also, Zayin has a little bit of misunderstanding in the foot massage...but we were all happy. Since you are wondering, Lucy took this picture.

Hair cuts.

So, we do hair cuts like all of you . . .except ours takes the entire afternoon . . . cut, bathe, treat, cut, bathe, treat, cut, bathe, treat, cut, bathe, treat.

More daily events.

Titus loves hanging out in the bath when Darius and Zayin do some schoolwork.
He is into his "army guys" and animals. He is so content even though he does not get to be the center of my attention somedays in the mornings.
We are doing lots of reading, math, language, writing . . .bla bla bla why am I telling you everything?
Doug gets a rare moment of chillin' with Sollie.
This would be Sollie avoiding eye contact -is he upset I made him shop for a few minutes with me? Just if anyone cares, I totally shop with all these boys--not so more people can stare at us, but really, I don't think shopping for an hour here or there should be a big deal for them. That's life. Buck it up boys, I am also hoping someday my daughter-in-laws will appreciate this.

Daily Grind . . .oh, how sweet it is

So, it seems after the last blogging, well, you all thought we do lots of partying here. We do, but I thought I would put a few pics of our daily grind too. I read a quote this week that was a new adrenaline for being faithful in the small things. "the truth is that your life (both now and later) will requrie you to invest a lot of time and energy in the things that aren't big and that don't seem to make much of an impact. Some days they don't even make sense. Sometimes, the smallest things can be the hardest of all. . . this is our lives, the "stuff" that makes up everyday living. But guaranteed you will get results over time. There are huge gifts hiding in these packages. We are excercising our bodies, minds, and faith." Wow, for a mom I am so thrilled to say that my joy and delight here in this world truly can come from wiping snotty noses, putting Titus's pants on after every potty trip, practicing writing a lower case "g" for the thousandth time, smiling at each morning as if I am truly happy to see everyone awake, folding laundry . . .etc. We are doing all to the glory of God!!! What a gift for being able to have this family and be able to be home with them. Thank you, Doug, for letting me be at home with these boys.
This would be Sollie begging for food from Grandpa. It is now the norm if you have food in his vicinity.
Yep, lots and lots of eating.
We love reading books.
And looking at pictures.
And "reading" . . .yes, he drools like a crazy man.