Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm in love.

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We are into air soft wars...yes, I see my nephew pointing it right at my son's head,

Somehow, the marshmallow on a stick idea worked for Roman.

If u come to visit...we will put you to work. Its gardening time!

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Location:Summer fun beginning

Bountiful baskets

$15 and A local pick up. Hmmm, I think I liked it. Thanks, friends for teaching me all these tricks.

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A few art projects.

We are getting a summer itch here...we are ready for some fun projects! So here are a few we started.

These are bluebonnets in honor of some Texas friends!

Ladies tea

Our church has a mother daughter tea every year put on by our men...well, one man specifically. We get spoiled and just love it. I meant to take pictures of the salmon, pork, etc...but I got so excited I forgot. My sweet boys made the best waiters!!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I guess I keep thinking I will have a few spare moments to think about what I write. It never comes! But I sure want to blog that God is moving us along. We have so much to learn and I need to grow in so many ways. I wanted to let u all know the support is slowly coming, and I believe we are just over half way there!!! God also has provided all our needs as He always has. This may seem like a small praise, but to me sitting here watching it seems a monthly miracle! I listened to a sermon over and over that has been an encouragement and I would like to recommend it!
Together for the gospel this year had Ligon Duncan and he spoke on the "Underestimated God". Hope it encourages you as it did me!