Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday boy!

Sweet Titus is 8. He got red soccer shoes from new wonderful friends, a soccer ball, and soccer socks... Guess we are in Brasil now! So thankful for this wonderful gift of another year of life!


I may be inventing steel toe high heels for moms. Seriously 8 of us in the elevator up to the 17th floor several times a day... I need steel toe high heels, deodorant for boys, and maybe breath mints for someone else (I won't mention any names)! We have already had elevator stories -Darius was stuck alone in the elevator during a storm...he  was a little nervous not understanding all the instructions the pleople were trying to yell at him from outside.   Lukas went in one time and the door shut...he couldn´t reach he pushed 17...God´s providence Doug was downstairs studying that day.  Lots of tears.  Life is just plain exciting here.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Roman

Little guy couldn't take it and had to sleep a little before lunch. A pic of our delicious lunch.... Beans and rice! We love it!