Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leaman Boys

Kottke Family Pics

Do I have a crazy sense of humor, or are these pictures so much more fun than the "perfect pose" ones?


So, as many of you know, Isaiah has been the center of the world for many of us. He still is . . . thanks for sending all those pics to us. You are the best brother ever!!!

A little looking back and crying for me.


Zayin --the drooliest baby ever.

Oh, Titus. You are so cute!!!

Wow, time flies.

So cute and peaceful. Yep, those days are gone.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


One night I got to have a little babysitting and Lydia took amazing care of all the boys. I came home to this (barely a "hi, mom") and the dishes were done too. Wow, you are all jealous now, huh? Thanks Lydia.

Ice Cream.

Ice cream. Need I say more?

Finally fishing with Grandpa.

For years Grandpa has said, "I gotta take those boys fishing." Or, "I'm gonna take those boys fishing." HE REALLY DID. Well, for about a 1/2 hour. There was a big wind and Doug was doing all the paddling. That sure didn't last long, but everyone was happy--especially the fish.
This is one of the "non-fishing crowd".

More Birthday celebrations.

So, this is another birthday celebration. Around here the birthday is a special day, but the gifts really come on the "Leaman Birthday Party of the Month." I had to put this pic of Titus snitching a cheesecase as if no one noticed while we were singing. He is also helping Darius blow out the candle in the other picture.

Hard worker.

So, needless to say, between all the fun things you see on the blog. . .there are a lot of hard working days for us all. Lots of garden work (if you know us at all this is no suprise). Darius is chillin--and just so you know he didn't learn this from me.

Lyla Louisa . . .my baby. . . we love you.

So, we got to have Lyla with us a few days and needless to say by this photo she was a little spoiled. She is sweet.

Birthday 7 for Darius

I am thankful the boys are excited about trying other desserts on their birthdays --I might be sick and tired of cake ( I know--sounds impossible).

Birthday morning. So fun and exciting!!!

4th of July

The 4th was fun--so fun we forgot to take pictures.

Alki Beach and the circus too!

This is a little split up, but here is Lukas at Alki Beach for the first time. He likes it!

The circus was really just exhausting.
Ok, these are all the circus pictures, but do you really want to see the circus pictures?

Alki Beach was pretty fun. UW was having a pole vaulting competition on the beach and it was so fun to watch! Really a fun place to get away!

Olive Garden

Content with just a zebra. We really like this Lukas guy.

Yes, I have to blog the boy's pics now. Ug. And, yes, I drank at least 3 diet cokes--that is why I am smiling.

Ok, so a little of my mom's wisdom. (There is a lot). Don't order kids food, there is usually enough--why order a $5 kids meal. Ok, so I may have tweaked it a little--split it 3 ways. Works just fine as long as there are a few baskets of bread sticks.

It really looked like he wanted a margarita or something.

So cute and everyone seemed happy to be out and about. Lydia was with us and it made the night more fun--we might have just had McDonalds without her.

A few calm moments.

This is Titus being an otter. I know??!! But, anyway my little otter was tired, huh?
Zayin had a headache--Sollie was a crank. To my future daughter in laws--I really try not to spoil them too hard, but sometimes they are a little demanding.

A little "beach" trip.

I don't know why I think this picture is so funny. Oreos sounded so great to Lukas to go with all that milk.

Church softball.

A few words need to be posted here: I believe we have one of the most amazing churches! We visited some games this year and really had a great time. We had quite a cheering section with lots of little kids (no matter where we go it seems to have lots of kids, ???). Anyway, after the game instead of relaxing our pastor and other men of the church go right on the field and start pitching to the kids and made it a fun night for them. Thank you to the men in our church for the example of being servants once again.

Sollie is a little obsessive compulsive at times. My sister taught me that a great entertainer is a wipie. Who would have known.

A few summer outtings . . .with Lydia of course.

I love this little toy and so did Solly.
"where did he go" . . .the monkeys

We thought the afternoon would find all the animals sleeping--we were wrong. It was the first time we got to see the polar bears up close.

The capitol building is pretty impressive and fun to see. The boys even loved it.