Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In sickness and in health....

A little collage from the trip. We survived!

Cali cousins...so cute! We love you!!! ...and, um, so sorry we got you sick.

Disney....thanks Dan and Christina...we will never forget!

Yes, this is one of the only pics. Mom stayed out of puking radius for this ride...it was too fresh on our minds after hours of traveling with sick kids.

Roman did "Disney" strong....then collapsed at 8:30....big brother to the rescue.

Smiles all around. Their dreams did come true.

Santa Rosa

Roman was pretty scared to be in lock down with a dog in view. It took a while, and then it was love from then on.

We had a sweet visit with true friends. Thanks guys, u really showed us a great weekend!! It's always been my dream to see these Redwoods!! And, Kim, you put Martha Stewart to shame!!

Can we put our feet in? Ok...our ankles, can we go up to our knees.....whatever, we can figure it out later.

Our dishwasher is broken.