Friday, April 29, 2011


We are in Salvador. This city is the 4th largest in Brazil.

There are apartment buildings everywhere you look. It is exploding here in Brazil and there is a tremendous need for Christ.


There are friends that fall straight from Heaven into your lap. Regina was one of those. Regina was our pastor's wife in Goiania (where Darius and Zayin were born). It just brings me to praise God when I even try and comprehend how 2 people from different worlds could have such a wonderful friendship because of Christ. She was able to come from Sao Paulo to Recife to come and led to lots of late nights with laughing and crying.

The cupcakes

Brazilians know how to throw parties and made the cupcakes look amazing!

Karen- a sweet friend-made the fabulous, perfect, wonderful designs for decorating them. It really was the final touch that put them over the top!!!

We made 1000 and it was a few days work!! We made the cupcakes on Friday and Monday we spent frosting and decorating.

I believe this is the first male brazilian to ever help make cupcakes. : ) What a man! I was so grateful for Doug, Queta, Fernando...and a few extra hands! We had 4 recipes and it seemed each time it took a few batches to get the ingredients right, we had to bring in a different oven, and make a few trips to the store buying 20 kilos of sugar; but they must not have been too bad-we had to start protecting them and about 70 just disappeared. Darius wanted to know if it was just like Cupcake Wars--not exactly!

We made it!

Recife, Brazil had rained for several days and the roads were more like rivers.

Doug said he got more done on this flight than in the last week-he read a whole book. It was pretty exciting for him. : )

We took 30 hours to get to our destination...but really we didn't mind too much. It was fun to be together and I spent time praying for many of you.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

quick update

A quick update :
We are always amazed to see how God is building His church!! Doug and I have been here in Brazil for several days and it almost seems surreal. We see how the gospel-Christ has been replaced and our burden for Brazil is confirmed, yet it will take a work of God to bring us here. To bring a family here will not be a easy thing. To cross the road even seems difficult, seriously. We are daily giving our lives to God and asking for His guidance. Please continue to pray and we are so excited to post pictures and more from the trip on our new blog It seems the earth is groaning for Christ's return--come, Lord, quickly come!