Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kaylee's soccer game.

This is how we watch a soccer game now a days with 2 little boys and 3 bigger boys . . .and rain. We love you Kaylee!!!
Titus just makes our life more fun for sure.

Sweet Darius wanted to help get ready for the game so he decided to get Sollie some shoes and put them on. A little big, but he was so cute we didn't mind. Then I had to take a pic of this fabulous piece of leg . . . check out this chunk.

Darius is a big help now a days and he wanted to put Sollie's shoes on and then buckle Sollie's seatbelt too. Wow, it really does help some days.

A few daily treasures!

Smiles for you all!!!
This is what happens when you let the boys get ready by themselves. Yes, I let him go out of the house like this.

Yes, Lukas is smiling

Zayin is just fabulous at just about everything.

Family Pics

Zayin, me, Lukas, Titus (who doesn't even suck his thumb), Doug, Solomon, Darius

Just those wonderful days.

This is Titus and Zayin looking through moon dust for moon rocks. A little science from Amy . . . thanks Amy. We love you.
Too old for me.

Too cool for me. Where do they learn these little poses and all?

This would be Sollie under my feet. . . yeah, that is a constant--I really do love it!!!

This is my steady Titus. What would I do without him?


Thank you, Coleson for letting us see your puppies!! You are so cute and we liked your puppies.
He liked them, but no way was he going to pet one.

Sniff, sniff.


Even though this picture isn't too clear I had to put it in. Can you see Titus's face? He was so hilarous the way he just picked up the puppy like he knew how.

So cute. This was Darius happiness for sure. He kept asking, "how much are they mom? Are you sure someone bought them all?" Then the next day he was in mourning and watched "Where the Red Fern Grows" and "Old Yeller".


It was fun seeing how each one of the boys had a different way to eat an oreo. But they did all eat lots for sure. I can't imagine how many oreos they will want to eat in 10 years.

Quick Sunday Morning Pictures

The boys seem to just stop and kiss Lukas or check him out constantly. Zayin made the comment, "oh, mom, he is wearing big boy Sunday clothes today." So, we had to take a few pictures.

The other baby getting too big.

drums . . .gotta love the noise

"I am so big now eating (sometimes) with a spoon."

Lukas fitting right in!

This picture might scare most of you, and it did me a few weeks ago even. But Sollie just adores Lukas and kisses him lots.
What would we do without Grandma around?

. . .and Kaylee?

Trying to see what is so fun.

Titus asked if Lukas could watch him play. No, I usually don't put him on the floor like this, but come on, you can't refuse a cute big brother asking him to hang out for a minute!!!