Thursday, July 11, 2013

off to camp

The 3 big boys went to camp this week.  Wow, it was hard to let them go.  But Palavra da Vida is an hour away and they had cousins going and we decided to give it a try. 

We signed the boys in and the boys saw a friend from school who lived in the States and speaks English.  You know how it is-everyone looking around for a friend and a little bit of security....well, they wanted of course to be in the same cabin.  They asked and the camp said "no".  Zayin (who is so sweet, by the way) was upset.  He saw the list and knew there was room in the cabin and didn't understand.  The next 1/2 hour was a struggle and I gave a big speech on how this is how we live what we believe. God is in control of even these details....we can trust His plan.  Zayin continued to reason and struggle.  Then the news of "we can, we can"....their friend came running down the trail!  So a little while later while we were hauling bags around Zayin said, "Mom, I think this was just a test for my heart.  I failed, didn't I?" If you have the patients to read this blog, friend...let this encourage you. Our tests are a sovereign plan to produce perserverance, character, and hope! Rom 5:3-5

I went to visit yesterday.  The boys are having a blast.  I took a pic by their cabin (little did they know I wanted to show how the clothes were hung to dry....I'm thinking they won't dry, but I don't know). Titus cried when I left ripping my heart out, but he didn't know today was mud obstacles and races, paint ball, and a refilled canteen card.  I think everything will be fine after a night's rest.
This is Titus's 2nd cousin...they were in the same cabin.  Buddies for sure!!!
 And of course, Sollie had a fun special day too...


Last week we went to a "Puritan's Conference" a few hours away. I thought it would be fun for you to all see a little of the "countryside" on the drive. What is amazing to me....well an answer to your prayers is that for years this country felt strange and somehow now it feels like home.

This is a very silly birthday smile.  Roman turned 3 while we were away.  He started off the morning, while we were all asleep, by leaving the room and walking down to the lobby.  What a horrible way to start his 3rd birthday.  A reminder these children are a gift from the Lord for sure.  Its a good thing a family with 6 boys stands out a little...they knew right where to bring him.  We put a chair in front of the door after that... : )

Lukas in his class.  Brazilians eat a lot of cake. 

Romans class sang happy birthday and had a little snack.

I had to post this picture of one of my future daughter in laws.  Sassy, but I'm in love.  We will give it a decade though to develop.