Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mall of America

Doug drove 18 hours starting Tue. morning and pulled into Minneapolis at 5 am Wed. We were so grateful for your prayers for safety! Thank you. We have been so excited to see this Lego store and it was worth it! Just for the record: Leah went to the Mall of America and didn't buy a thing. I thought you should know. : )

Still driving

Swimming wasn't a bad idea. Bleaching my kids sounded reasonable at this time. Cause we have hives too. There is always something to blog about, huh?

Football, frogs, and tics.

I tried to think of every detail for the trip, but after these pics you can understand how I underestimated the wipies!

The trip through Montana was so beautiful and then North Dakota was just breathtaking. So, we tried to enjoy the "nature" part. We took a little sign and followed it to a park and found a little spot to enjoy. I had been feeling so guilty (Christina could make this sound funny and interesting). Most families would have camped, making memories around the fire. I was trying...and then I remembered why I like beds. The tics were a start.


The boys are doing wonderful!!! I love these little feet he loves to just sit back and chill. Kristal, no picture ever seems good enough--we need you!!!

Pit stops

Here we go!!!

Thank you, Doug, for my little treat (um, I think you drank it though). So, after years of my husband faithfully working and never a complaint- he put in his notice and we took a big step of faith. So, we are off on a trip to Wisconsin to see Great Grandma and Grandpa and then to Indy for a little time with the Kottke side. We are taking steps towards Brazil and we are coveting your prayers.

Mom and Dad, it's that Columbia River we always talk about. It was beautiful.

Just thought I would show you what 6 sleeping children look like. Its ok, I couldn't see them either. Yes, Romans lips are really that big. We really were having fun, even at this point.

The last few weeks

This had to be posted, because he is such a stink it seemed a miracle he actually let the Dr. check his eyes out. We need this memory.

We had apointment after apointment and we were often on the run ...this was a treat day after 24 vaccines. The treat for me was having Rhaquie and Grandma. What would I do without you? Love you so much!!

We have been so blessed!

Teeth, eyes, shots, and on and on and on....we had 1 more week of insurance and wow, did we use it!

Now he's on the move

Now Roro is on the move. He wants to see what all the excitement is about in this shower thing. Grandma, he misses you.