Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daddy is HOME

Daddy is finally home after 2 1/2 weeks in Brazil. Roman is catching him up on things. We sure missed him!

Tops. Ya know tops.

Guarana and soccer shirts- yep, great presents from Daddy! He even got all the right sizes. Impressive!


These are the "big boy" muscles of an OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED BOY!!!!!!!!!


"Darius loves doing dishes." He is right beside me right now telling me to write this. Wow, why did I wait so long to start this?????

Whose a big boy?

2010 FAIR


We missed Daddy who drools over the Kubotas every year.

First BIG RIDE!!!

Grandma gave a present for the boys to all get one ride at the fair . . I was thinking the big slide --the boys were thinking big stuff.

yes, sir!

The boys always like to show off a little at the Army spot at the fair. After standing for some time I realized the truck had a soldier with KOTTKE on his shirt! Wow, what are the chances of that!? Didn't think there were many out there.

Titus's fishing at the fair

This was a fun fishing experience for Titus . . . just a long one. Even the worker was looking to see if the fish were there. Then, they switched poles, wait . . . wait . . .

are the fish ok???

Another pole switch . . .

Finally, a catch! Guess he is ready for the real thing!

Sollie and the Fair!!!

Lukas and Roman at the Fair

Lukas's first ride at the fair.

Fair 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A few more pictures from Mom's visit

Alien cupcake request

Happy Birthday Zayin!

The fun for the day was a little escalator riding. Come on, you all know its fun. The boys are great shoppers. And Zayin informed me he sure felt spoiled.

Uncle Isaiah introduced frosties to the boys in Indiana . . .so Zayin had to show us how thick it was.

Cocoa puffs was the treat for breakfast chosen by our new 7 year old!!!

Right idea

Right idea? He even said, "mess". Thank goodness he didn't get the milk opened.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I believe we named these the "hardy man pancakes".