Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a little more snow

Yes, we had to finish with "hot cocoa". Zayin was telling me before he was even in the garage to take off his snow clothes, "I am ready for my hot cocoa."

Let it snow.

Poor Sollie

Poor Sollie had to enjoy the snow today from all the windows. He even was banging his head on one today calling his brothers. Next year, baby!

Chess, chess, chess

Doug's eyes look permanently blood shot. Last night I couldn't even see white on his eyes. So, today he is trying to work, work, work and he came to me and said how Darius came and sat all sad beside him begging to play chess. You can see how loving of a Dad the boys have. All the boys had to get in on his "break".

In need of some manly time.

Ok, so you all know that the boys are really missing their daddy. If you didn't realize what I was talking about . . .well, here you go. They are doing their nails. Somehow, Titus turns into a "girl" with a hair thing in too. ??? Trust me, Doug is hurrying the thesis-especially after seeing this picture.

School Work Time

"Mom, take a picture and blog it"

"Mom, take a picture and blog it". So, obviously they have lots to show you. They got Sollie up on the top bunk without me (not exciting for me though), Darius is taking lots of pictures now a days, doing "excercises" on the top bunk, and really just showing off for the camera and you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wrestle Time with Daddy!

He has to be in on everything, of course.
Doug had to yell, take a picture "now" seeing as he still can take them all 3 at the same time.

I think this may be the boys favorite thing.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy . . . Sollie sure loves Daddy now a days. Don't we all though.


If anyone has some spare time, would you mind coming and playing chess with Darius. He asked at least 8 times today to play. The truth be told by a loving mom too: He is good and almost beat Grandpa yesterday.

Christmas Cookies

Yes, I know the cookies look green and pink, but come on, how much food coloring do you have to use? . . . ya know.
After about 3 cookies Sollie just chilled and watched (none of the other boys would have ever been allowed to eat 3 cookies . . but at least he was content for a while). He had to see what was going on, but no way was he going to be in reach of all that mess.

So, the truth be told: I always dreamed of being one of those moms that made Christmas cookies with her kids, but the last years that just didn't ever sound fun. But then I saw that on Christina's blog she made these fabulous Turkey cookies . . .well, we couldn't be outdone. I also saw that Kristal made some too . . .come on, if she can do it we just had to. We did spread out the joy a little . .we made the cookies one day then frosted them the next. But really it was fun to see how excited they were from a little cookie decorating. They sure didn't taste like I remember from Aunt Loris, but ya know . . .no one complained around here. It really was fun and even ended up not being the mess I was expecting. Although, now the boys tell me they are ready to decorate a gingerbread house. Ug.

A little Starbucks

I was out running errands and realized the boys were totally hungry. I didn't want to spend a penny and remembered that I had a Starbucks card. . . thanks EVAN!!!!! Whooo hoooo, the boys and I got hot cocoa . . .what a treat.