Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After this picture Titus went and put his helmet on too. It's dangerous around here, ya know. Notice . . .the laundry basket is empty though.

Check out these thighs!!!!

Are you in love with these boys too???

Doug and I keep asking ourselves if we are just suckers for these boys. We are so crazy in love with them. Titus said he had an ax in his ear. (WAX). We could see Mt. Rainier and the clouds were touching the top, Zayin said "Guys, if we climbed the mountain high enough we would be in the heavens." The quotes go on and on and ok, so now I know I am a sucker. You know I am a sucker if I put a picture of me here without make up. But this was the beginning of Titus' photography skills, and then Zayin said I had to put this picture of him in the blog . . .seeing as he has the least amount of pictures so far. What we don't do for love.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Titus Kottke Leaman


No matter how we put them to bed, they all end up together by the morning.


I love my bumbo!!

I like to be where the action is.

What do you think about Daddy's singing?

Doug was giving us a little music lesson and every time he would start to sing, Sollie would cry.

Daily Events

Where to begin? We are even typing these words by God's grace. We are wanting to start this little blog to do a better job of getting pictures to family and friends and letting you in a little more on our life. What a blessed life. I started to look through pictures moments ago and didn't know where to begin. I guess we will just jump start right now. So here goes: Sollie started cereal today. I can't handle these nights any more.