Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Wednesday.

Sunset out our back window. I often struggle this time of day- I am often tired and yet so much more to do before the night is done. Keeps me longing for heaven. I was talking tonight about heaven to the boys and said, "there will be no more tears or pain." And Lukas said, "no more throw up." Guess I never really thought about it. Heaven just got a little sweeter.

Well, most Brazilians know their car to the inch. I have to admit I dislike our parking spot severely. But I only knocked one tile off!!!!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day by day

Brazilians eat a meal with a knife in hand. Looks like someone got the hang of it.

Here is one way ...

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Little bit of life

Sunday we took some guys home from church and Doug is always a great encourager.

Some interesting topics at hand.

Sweet boys waiting for Dad. I think Sollie is winking for you.

This is out the other window. Looks like a horse got away.

This is actually a river. Pollution is a serious issue. This is right where so many people live and work and walk every day.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yep, we fried em up

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Sollie is 6!!!

Well, Sollie wished these were all for him....but we praise God that even birthdays are about God and not us!!  We praise God for another year of life for our Sollie.  He is such a wonderful gift to us!
 Cinnamon rolls and an egg....on the birthday red plates. Growing up, we had a family tradition of red plates on our birthday.  My mom gave these to us when Darius was born.  We were able to get them out and start using them.....11 years later. The boys already love the special tradition.
Birthday day was heading downstairs for a little pool fun and a game at the end of the night.  The rules were in Portuguese and we never figured it out...would someone come please play this game with us?!???!!!

Picnic fun

The 3 big boys are doing a little futsol and had a Saturday tournament.  It ended up being right beside our friend's house and at the beach.  We had to have a little picnic before heading home.  Tia "V" spoiled the boys with popsicles...."Thanks Tia!!"

The days are flying by

These sweet boys wanted to wash dishes.  They just came right in the kitchen and dug in. I'm in love!!  Then they came over and asked to be paid. I guess I am still in love. Train em' while they are young, folks... train em' while they're young.
School opening of the Olympics.  I am such a proud momma-Darius came and sat with us after his big part.  We liked the glasses.

Love those school projects.  I couldn't figure it out, either could Doug...thank goodness for "youtube" kite making instructional videos.
We are still enjoying the fish Tara caught us. 

Orchid festival

Lucy's mom (Bi-Vo) is amazing.  We went to see, while the boys were at school, some beautiful plants at an orchid festival. This palm is called "man with a beard."

Before and after

Zayin's 10 now

Well, the truth is we live 30 minutes from this (no traffic).  But it is a difficult thing to have a day where we can get away and enjoy.  Zayin's birthday was a school day, but we had until 12 to "party".  So, I invented a little outing. I dropped the big boys off at one end of the beach with their bikes, then me and the little boys headed down to the other end and waited for them to have a birthday bike ride.  This beach is called "Boa Viagem".  There are sharks here, so as a scaredie cat mom they didn't get in even to their ankles. But what an incredible day and a beautiful beach!! 
A typical father to son talk....this one just happened to get a pic.
Happy Birthday, Zayin!
This pic was actually for you to have a double take to the punk in the back.  We were out having a nice little "play time"...when muscle man came and took over the play ground.  The boys tried to follow suit and work on their 6 packs...while I kept an eye on Lukas talking out to the guy sleeping under the little bridge.

Busy days

God provided a way for Doug to get a bike. One car is wonderful, but schedules were just overlapping and now husband is a very eccentric looking professor. He even tucks his pants in his socks while riding. But the funniest was the first week.....5 flat tires! He went through the city carrying the bike on his shoulders. 5 sounds unbelievable, but than maybe you don't know Doug.
The big boys room was in the paper. Guess bunk beds for 3 is a pretty "wow" thing.  I was just excited to have a clean room.  Friends-you can look for all the beautiful things you have given us.  Josh and Lisee, we brought your furniture and have it in nearly every room!  I was like a kid getting out the dart board I had hidden under my bed for at least 4 years (a garage sale find) finally getting used!
Two sick little boys.  Seems we keep getting one fever and flu after another.  But they sure are sweet.
Finally, after the conference I got a hubby for a day.  I kindof like our way of keeping the mess to a minimum. Really works!  $2 mirror we hauled from Indy didn't quite make the long haul, so I turned it into a white bulletin board.  Thanks, Sandra, for sending the cork board roll with Tara. 
This is our aunt's maid and she is wonderful!!  I asked her to give me a lesson one day on cutting meat.  Wow-impressive! I have read about it and tried and tried...but there is something like 40 years of experience that was invaluable! Lucy, my mother-in-law, still makes the best though!