Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lukas laughing

Lukas, of course, had to like this. Ya know, someone blowing a toy right in his face. Ug. At least he is laughing.

An afternoon date

Tae Quan Do


He was so proud to show us he dressed himself. That is a polo shirt around his waist. We have been working on this since our last Dr. visit. Ya know, the dr visits where you have time to read all the papers they give you about what your child could be doing, should be doing, and would be doing if he were advanced. : )

A date

Ok, so this pic is out of order, but I seem to have a few moments (a miracle) to keep posting. Doug and I got to have a date to the fair this year. We seem to every year and I look forward to it so much. So, I love a diet coke for a treat which leads me to my little story. Last week Darius and I had a date to my volleyball game. I took him to Walgreens (don't worry-he is only 7 and thinks it is great still) to pick out a treat. He, of course, picked a transformer pez thing. Then I offered a drink too. So we headed to the drink section where he picked out a blue something or another. Then we started to walk off and he said, "wait, mom." Then he went and put his drink back and picked out a diet pepsi and said, "Mom, you deserve a treat this time." I think I tried to freeze time for a moment, but after it didn't work I convinced him to get his blue drink. But I had melted, and it was so fun to be out with my sweet wonderful giving son. Then the story goes on . . .after volleyball that night my dear friend Amy handed me a diet pepsi. Somehow she just knew I needed one. And I sure did.

Sunday Morning

So, a few weeks ago when we had the time change, we had a few extra minutes it seemed. Happily, I took advantage of the moments and took a few pictures of my handsome men and then they had to take a few pictures too.

Little Helper

I have to admit that one of my favorite things is when the boys want to help me in the kitchen (seeing as I kindof spend a lot of time there). So, I was thrilled when Titus just had to help.

Kaylee's soccer game.

How is it that I went to Kaylee's soccer game with the boys and don't have any soccer pictures of Kaylee? Kaylee, you are an impressive athlete and so fun to watch. We would like to thank Calvin for the dum dums. Seems you made everyone happy.

Lukas has teeth.

Visit from Friends

We had a wonderful visit from our friends Rogerio and Susan from Brazil. Thanks, Josh, for the great picture.

A farewell.

This was our last beach stop on our way to the airport. Really, I am crying, you just can't tell.

Thank you so much to our dear friends. We really had a treat and enjoyed our special date so much.

Ok, so I am crazy, but if you are reading this blog and know me that is no surprise. I had to take a pic of this in the bathroom. OH, I loved Hawaii.

Happy Birthday lunch.

Those sweet potatoe fries were the best.

A little soup, compliments of the chef.

We payed for the view, trust me. But, I think it was definately worth it, don't you?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday dinner for Leah

Waiting for a phone call.

There was a definate highlight for our Hawaii trip . . .and it was happening in West Virginia. I got an early phone call from my sister Greta. She had started labor for their precious little gift. I don't think I could ever be able to put into words for Greta what it is like to have an older sister like her. She always set a path --and I always wanted to follow. I always knew she was the best at everything. I always assumed that I had a best friend in her, even though I wasn't kind or friendly most of the time. And I have pretty much known from the beginning she would make the most wonderful mother ever. Greta, I love you. This precious little Caleb is a tangible gift of faith -something for me to praise my Savior more seeing His faithfulness again. I am so thrilled for him to be in a family where Christ is Savior. Thank you, Greta, for your faithfulness, example, and forgiveness. You are a wonderful older sis and will make, by God's grace, the most wonderful mother.


This is me showing the scenery for breakfast. Doug ordered a huge bowl of fruit every day for just $3. We loved it.

We went around the smaller part of the island and saw this blow hole in the rocks. It was beautiful.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Checking out the Island

Doug wanted a pic of the rental car. Thanks for the help Beau--great deal at Enterprise. Check out the scenery behind me.

I don't know quite how to subtitle this picture.

Out and About

Looking for gifts for the boys.

But, I happened to find this bracelet for me instead. : )

Rainbow straight ahead.

Lots of eating and goofing off.

Yippee, we had a kitchen in our room!!!

Really, after taking so many pictures they tend to get a bit boring. Ya know, with just Doug and I it just didn't sound fun standing and smiling for a pic in the elevator, by a statue, by a picture. You get the picture (he he).

Saturday, November 7, 2009