Saturday, October 23, 2010

Its not all beaches and parties.

This is good . . .a little remorse.

First reaction . . . "uh, did I do this? Uh, well, um . . "


just a little more reality for you all . . all the ouchies

Hoping for osmosis here.

Have a nice day

For your entertainment:

We No Speak Americano ft. Cleary & Harding

Monday, October 18, 2010


A chocolate factory. : )

I gotta just have Doug explain this one.

Flowers and chocolate cake. : ) Doug is setting a good example to all these boys around here on how to spoil.

Shoes, shoes, shoes.

Lukas is going to desperate means now a days to always have SHOES!!!!!!!!! Hes just gotta have em. Sound like anyone?


Learning early. Darius really could use a chess partner around here, ya know.

hay mazes are FUN!!!

Big Boy

I'm 5. I'm 3. I'm 5. I'm 3.


Petting Zoo

It took a few minutes, but they finally realized what was going on. :)

Such strong boys!

Roman's first trip to the pumpkin patch.

As you can see he was thrilled.


Well, whatever they call it. . . it sure helps me get a little school done with the big boys and they seem to sure love it. Although, it looks like we might need glasses in the next years.

A little pie!

My photography skills are lacking, but . . oh, you should have tasted this pie. Yes, I first put down the kids (well, most of them) and somehow I think it tasted a touch better in the quietness.

Birthday dinner with the Leamans

What a fun treat this month to get spoiled with the boys. Thank you, family!

Grand finale!

These pictures are a tribute to many things. First, to an amazing auntie who would do this: we love you dearly, oh, so dearly. Sorry, to those of you who can't handle this reality of life--please don't be offended.

Second, this little guy sure is a big guy now a days. Sollie, you make life exciting around here.

Lots of brotherly bonding.

I love these pictures where I can capture a little bit on camera for you. It is so fun to watch. Except for . . .well, yes, Zayin does have a pocket knife in his hand.


Even with a little sand in it, the chicken was delic! Thanks Uncle for making it!

Friends make everything better!

Poor Duda!


Long Beach

So fun to warm your FREEZING toes. What a fun break!

Roman's first beach trip . . .not too sure if he really likes it or not?!

Stuck in the sand . . . happily, we had some seriously strong men to get us out.

Going and Coming

This might seem strange to put the going and coming pictures together, but the contrast is the best!!! It was so so fun! It was so so exhausting!