Thursday, June 12, 2008

Zayin is amazing too!

I am dearly in love with each of my boys. Zayin is so tender with his brothers and these pictures are are great example. Zayin is helping with the laundry here and is showing me how to snow board.

Each day has its treasures!

The boys and I had salad for dinner and I was so happy we had to take pictures. This is Titus--he caught a cow. Sollie's buns, well, they are definately a treasure.

An update on Sollie

Putt Putt

We were able to have a little family time (a miracle). The boys were shaking they were so excited! Zayin proved himself to be a little golfer . . .getting 2 holes in 1. It was so fun to be on a "date" with all my boys!


This is for you all to see we are not a "child centered home". We got to go on a date . . .with lots of people, but hey, it was a date for us!! Yes, Doug was on the phone and yes, we were even too tired to talk, but a little Marzanos goes a long way!