Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fresh air.

A little too skinny after being sick.

A little fresh air

This was a little fresh air BEFORE DOUG GOT SICK!!!
This is Zayin running up the hill. I am telling myself that he wasn't embarassed to be with us, but ya gotta wonder . . .everyone else stayed close by.

Ocean Shores

A family day at the beach. This was the first day of a long haul with the Leamans not feeling well. We flew our kites, played in the ocean water, jumped off the dunes with Zayin sleeping.

More Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores

Downtown Tacoma

"Too bright"

We always forget how many fun little outings are so close. Downtown tacoma is so fun for a nice walk and sword fighting by the glass museum. Yes, sword fighting by the GLASS MUSEUM.

Sollie reading

Sollie is really into books lately.

few more pics

We found a few more pics from the March for Life. This one of Lukas with the sign is the best!