Monday, June 24, 2013

A biggin

At Tia's farm house this weekend.... We saw monkeys too

Friday, June 21, 2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day not over

Darius rocked out the grocery packing job!!!!!!! And they really were a help!!!


Started by forgetting Zayin's dentist apt. Doug had the car and it was raining..... But it was close enough to walk. I am so thankful for this apartment and felt safe in leaving Darius with the little ones for a little bit. Had to grab some fresh bread for breakfast on the way back. We were soaked by the time we got home.
Then teachers meetings and so I had a few minutes alone with Titus.....we ate lunch at the school canteen.
Marathon list awaits for the rest of the day. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It is "Valentine's Day" here in Brazil!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day by day!

Sollie loves his homework ( exaggerating the point here).

One of my "dreams" has been to listen to sermons while I work in the kitchen. Doug got me a ihome before we is better now! So, on our anniversary each year Doug would let me buy a kitchen gadget. I got these yellow mixing bowls years ago and boxed them up! Lov em! And... Roman has been sick and cranky for a week as you can see.

Tried to make granola yesterday- first batch was burned black...I was onced tagged Amelia Badelia-don't know why!?
Been living on iced coffee...we purchased a lot of kitchen items at the business Costco and I loved these cups and their prices were amazing! 
Tried to think bulkish ( is that a word?) I think these little scoopers save me a few seconds every day. These Tupperware were from the business Costco too.  After shopping a little here, I am so thankful we brought EVERYTHING from the states. Only  the curtain rods didn't make it - I remember buying them at ikea, but they are no where to be found. Only 3 broken items after months at sea. 

Roman has his "apple sauce" nearly everyday. ?? He will l figure it out someday- but he is pretty stubborn and insists this is indeed applesauce.  No applesauce in brazil!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New pics

Family and friends are asking for pictures and updates so here goes:  First, the big move went fast.  We found in the morning that the container would be released and possibly we could get it that evening.  Later that day things started falling into place (not my American planning style). It arrived at our house at 11pm!  Crazy, but it took only a couple of hours to empty and get into our parking spaces in the garage. Then the next days we opened boxes like mad!!!  We had looked forward to this for so long!  I am so thankful for God's perfect timing.  It is always easier to look back with much more clarity of course.  We stayed with Doug's sweet aunt.  Amazing to have family that has for years let us share homes...I guess we still had more lessons to learn. But I can look back and see God's tenderness with me especially.   Doug's aunt has a maid that cooks and cleans for her.  God prepared for us to have a "transition stage". We had several weeks of sickness (hard core actually). More sickness...and I can see that after 4 months my head is coming out of a thick cloud.  I couldn't even remember the road names or my address in the beginning.  We have been a family of transition it feels like for 14 years so I didn't imagine it being much different.  But, this time it seemed my brain had to slowly re acclimate through every detail. The Lord knew all I could handle was getting boys started with school.  Bank, car, id, etc was so much beyond what an American style girl could input.  It would take a day to go try and set a bank account up, but then we needed certain certifications on the other side of town with traffic and then pay at another place ...not exaggerating. These simple processes were so frustrating.  For example: I even asked for a manager at the grocery store.  The lines are ridiculous and workers seem so lazy. Customers are not a priority.  It seems bargaining is a daily event: we had the nets checked around the apartment (after Titus climbed from one apartment deck to the next on the 31st floor). The guys told me 1,500 reals.  I told them to hit the road.  The next month we paid someone 50 reals.  So, we are learning ...and have so much to learn.
I have to admit I love that the boys can ride their trikes through the apartment.  A little different than the big open space in Olympia.

This is maracuja.  Passion fruit I believe.  We love the juice made from it and have it a few times a week.  There are so many different fruits here. I am happy I brought a strainer, kitchen plunger, Tupperware, but I forgot an ice cream scoop (If you know me that seems impossible). I should have brought more hangers. Brazilians love their cakes...I haven't made a good one yet.  I made cupcakes for a party already... but they need some improvement. I love my Fife Costco silverware-$3 for 12!!  I have my Giada cookbook on the fridge...dreams of making amazing meals.  I am giddy about my comforter I had boxed up for 3 years....its perfection! 
I helped with only a few of these bracelets for the school.  I had forgotten how precious the wordless book was.  What a great opportunity to share the Gospel again in a fresh way.  Doug is loving the Saturday morning outreach.  Some of these kids have never even heard of Jesus.  It is exciting!!
We have a hard time taking family pictures...after 50 this seemed the only option.  Some sweet friends invited us to the beach for the holiday weekend.  One of Leah's rules...."when invited to beach, drop and run!!!" It is such a precious time for the boys.  They can run and play...and we had sweet fellowship with friends from church.  This family runs the Puritan's conference each year in Brazil and have a Puritan's magazine as well.  I have to admit, in the beginning I didn't really want new friends for a while.  But I have needed the sweet encouragement from God's people!
Mom asked me for an update on each of the boys. 
Lukas had a rough start with friends at school.  Bite marks, lots of fights....of course it was always the other kids faults.  : )  But he is doing great except for the fact he doesn't like his teacher's hair do.  He made himself learn to swim to be with the big boys. He is very particular with the shoes he wears to school for comfort sake and very particular to his hairdo for vanity sake.  He struggles with fear every night when it is time for bed still. We have a lot of heart issues going on, but as a parent it is wonderful to have such a mighty God to show our children!!!


Of course I've been taking nearly all the pictures at the is much more fun than dinner pictures or photos of laundry.  I knew you would understand.  We don't play all the time.
Sweet Darius is just amazing.  He definitely was ready to jump into being a Brazilian.  He was born here, ya know.  This pic is a fish you eat ...all of it...maybe not the head. Darius is the first to try new foods. He really works hard to put himself out there and make friends and talk.  He is to be writing texts already in school-so he has really had a load of work.  Doug helps with his grammar and writing for the practice.  Darius is loving the soccer.  He tries out new moves on us all daily!  He is such a blessing to me...even just drying dishes. There is such fruit in his life of a changed heart! Praise God!
At the beach and still video games have a pull.  Please tell me, we aren't the only ones. 
Zayin.  Zayin has definitely had the hardest time adjusting.  He was so sick and just shut down for nearly a month. He got very skinny and really became an issue of prayer for us. But he is doing great now.  He just had a hard time with the change.  He has a retainer now and will definitely need braces! He has a difficult group of kids in his class with several unbelievers and Zayin is asking such deep questions already.  We have a thinker on our hands!


We have often had to leave Dad studying and working and take off! It's never as fun without him...
he has been preaching and teaching so much! This is normal for most pastors, but the language is often a big stretch.  The boys have the most amazing father in the world...and many Brazilians have seen it and been amazed. 
Titus.  Titus is ...well-Titus.  He has gotten hurt nearly every week.  Bloody noses, knocking teeth out, cuts, bruises....and that's no exaggeration.  Last weekend we ended by saying how amazing it was he didn't get hurt.  We could use a full time tutor for this guy! His teacher speaks English, which is good and bad. He knew everything would get translated, so he didn't try and figure out much to begin with.  We have a pastor's wife that lives in our building and has him over twice a week to help out with schoolwork.  Titus, of all the boys, is enjoying having his own corner in his room.  He loves playing with his army guys and has red sheets and red towels.  He got red soccer shoes for his birthday. He is the most steady of all the boys...not many ups and downs...just my wonderful Titus.
Oh, dear Roman.  These were the poses he picked.  ??  He is the most Brazilian already.  He cried to go to school so I cried.  Now he doesn't cry, which makes me cry.  : )  He is definitely the baby and had a relapse when we got out his highchair and toys.  He sat in the highchair for half an hour the first time he saw it out of the crate.  He is speaking with a perfect accent...he could say within a month, "mine, mom, I want it, no, I don't want it, Its mine, get me" so perfect!  He loves the routines and still is the first one up in the morning. 

He is spoiled as well.


 Doug met with someone for some counseling this night by the beach and we saw there had been a surf competition before. We had to check it out.  There are honestly so many difficulties and trials here in the churches.  People are broken...families struggling, marriages falling apart, and is so incredible to stop and see God's power and wonder in this ocean here.  It truly is just a glimpse of His glory. Please continue to pray for Doug.  He has a tremendous reach here already. As a wife, it is such an amazing thing to have a peace about being somewhere I would have never picked or desired.  Yes, I post beach pictures--my boys eyes are amazing with the water, but we are in the midst of so many battles.  Doug is being used and it is humbling to watch.
 Sollie!  Sollie was one I was worried about leaving the States.  I was wrong!  He loves school. He loves homework and I hear him talking to his brothers in Portuguese constantly.  He has pulled 2 closet doors off the hinges (no surprise to his Grandparents in WA) we decided to take all doors off in his room for the time being.  We just can't describe his strength....and ability to break and knock over everything!  He loves the fresh bread and beans and rice.  I had to wake him up early for something this week and I went into his room and said quietly, "Sollie, it is time to get up".  He, in a split second,  said, "done". He got up and in seconds was down ready to go. He is a pretty special guy.

About the house.  I was hoping to have every drawer organized and everything perfect in a few days. Ha, right!?! It has been a mixed time of joy and struggle. I look at every detail from each box and see God's kindness. I was given nearly everything from so many of you.  I have boxed up things for years not knowing what would come together in the end if there was a house or not.  There are details that I couldn't have planned if I tried that seem made for this apartment.  So, of course, I cry...thank my God and keep working.  I was drowning a little ...hanging up the laundry and ironing is slightly ridiculous here.  I may start saving for a dryer.  The daily routine is a load, so the house was on hold. A cousin saw I needed some help so sent someone to clean for a day.  Wow.  What a gift.  But it has been that way, well, for years I guess.  I always get so overwhelmed looking to the big picture- but God sustains us each day and moment.  CS Lewis had a quote something to remind us that we want to see the big picture, but God has us in the strokes ...we need to be obedient in the strokes!  I am sustained by God's Word each day.  I have a loving, patient husband. And I am taking it one day at a time at this point.  I think of so many of you daily.  My sugar bowl, my syrup pourer, my couch and nearly every piece of furniture....each detail reminds me of a precious friend. I thank God for you and pray for you as I walk through each day.