Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 26th

Happy Birthday Lukas

Baby Lukas is 1 year old! We love you, Lukas.

Clapping for the birthday song.

Bumps and bruises at 1.



Well, it has finally happened. Lukas loves Costco too.

Who needs toys?


Creative, or just too much time to mess around?

March for Life

Every year we bundle up and head to march for life. It is so exciting to be a part of something at the Capitol that is pro-life. It is also exciting to see how God has used this in the boys' hearts each year. Lukas even waved a sign that said "stop abortion now".

Boys out!!!

We have the most wonderful cousins in the world. I am not joking. They even took the boys out for a little fresh air. Tolmie State Park is so close.

True love . .. true love that Kaylee is so good to Sollie. And for sure, Sollie is in love with Kaylee. I found him talking to her picture yesterday.

A haircut

A haircut. After 7 months-- a few minutes can sure make a change even on your outlook on life. Really, am I exagerating? Who took this picture by the way? Thank you, friend, for the great haircut!

Afternoon hike

Just across the highway from us is the beautiful bird sanctuary and there is a beautiful hike.
We had to go do something outside after so many rainy days. Sollie ran the entire way.

We saw 4 bald eagles. (We might have seen more, but even with trying to be quiet I think we possibly might have scared a few rare birds away.)

A few things wrong with this picuture-and I love it!

Would you believe no one fell in?

Friday night treat!

So fun . . .late night doughnuts!!! We even got to go with Daddy!!!!!
My favorite part of doughnuts.

So exciting!! Who says it's like a kid in a candy shop? They got that wrong. Thanks Aunt Sandra! We love you.


Yes, I have food in my mouth. We just keep having fun around here. . . no, really, the boys are having fun --can't you tell? Is it crazy that Sollie can already see the golden arches and ask for McDonalds?


We had to teach Brazilians that shooting really is fun.

I hope the boys think Cabelas is a fun outing in 10 years. Titus and Lukas are really happy in this picture--just a little camera shy. : )

Home Sweet Home

These pictures are not amazing, but we sure love them. I thought I would let you see some of the beatiful scenery we take for granted every day. This pic of the mountain is on the way home from church. I love just looking out our home on either side . . .we are so blessed.

Red Robin

I think Sollie and Lukas let us eat some too.

Ok, so still trying to catch up a little. This was Dec. 12th--our 11th anniversary. We were treated to our annual outing with Connie and Eddie. I must say we look forward to it starting the next day. Onion rings, shakes, you can see the pie, all you can eat fries . . .usually about 4 diet cokes for me . . . .well, needless to say we are all happy. (And enough left overs for a meal the next day). Zayin (he can pack it down) even came to me after a shake, lots of yummy food, then dessert and wispered, "mommy, I can't even eat any more". It was Anne and Rebeca's first meal out and wow, it made for a great start. They just kept laughing. Connie and Eddie, Thanks again for such a treat.

Red Robin earlier this month

Daddy is now 37

Snotty nose, but we still love him. This was so exciting!!! We were writing birthday notes to Doug and Titus wrote this all by himself. Happy Birthday, Doug. We love you at every age.

After Christmas Blues

Opening Stocking stuffers a few days late

Posing in a new outfit.

Thanks Uncle Isaiah for these stickers--we finally found the perfect use. Homework clipboards.

The Wii

God has given us wonderful friends. Connie and Eddie have spoiled us since the day we have met them. The boys as you can imagine think they are just about the best "neighbors" a friend could ever have. "Why don't we visit them more?" "We could just get on a plane and go see them." They are just so kind and we love you dearly. We had a fabulous outing in December and they found out the boys didn't have a wii. Well, now the boys have new best friends. Christmas evening had one more big suprise . . .and it was the highlight as you can see in their faces. Thank you Connie and Eddie. We think of you so often.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning didn't exactly go as planned. The last years we have snuggled in our bed and read the Word--getting focused for the wonderful day ahead. I like having a plan ya know. But this year mom had a migraine. But as each day passes we see how God's ways are always best and perfect. Our sweet friends Anne and Rebeca had suprised the boys with presents and they were so happy. It was a celebration for sure . . .and just beginning.

I love this--he is thrilled with a sucker.


Lukas was so cute in his new fitting jacket that we just couldn't take it off. Adorable.

Darius checking out the goodies.

Lukas and his first Christmas (ok, these are Christmas Eve pictures still).