Saturday, May 23, 2009


Lukas is almost 4 months and we gave a little haircut already. He is such a wonderful baby.

Saturday Walk

Parker and Sophie (Breah, Sandra, and Grandma too) the boys and I took a beautiful walk today.

This would be Sollie stretching.

A little stretch before the walk.

Darius and Lukas

The boys have treated Lukas so wonderful. Really, it is a dream to watch. Darius is getting so big and really loves to help out. All the boys like to hold Lukas every now and then, but Darius seems to just fit the role of the "biggest brother".

Summer Reading

After a hard day's work in the garden, what a better way to get ready for bed than to read a book with dad?

Summer fun.

I am so thrilled that we have 5 boys. Dirt and sticks and we have a fun afternoon. Mud and boys: a classic marriage. (that last line was from Doug of course--he wants a little input now and then on the blog.)

Uncle's babysitting

Isaiah babysat for me, as I mentioned. Well, pretty impressive. The boys were all ready for bed watching a movie when I came home. And --THE DISHES WERE EVEN DONE!!!


Why, you ask? Well after someone??? gave 3 boys paint brushes and a gallon of paint and some time alone . . . I ended up in tears. (It was pretty funny listening to the boys in the shower scraping paint off their arms, face, hair: "Mom was really mad. No, she was just sad. Uh, no, she was really mad.") Anyway--a few weeks later I thought I would try and give a "control freak" kindof painting experience to the boys.

Such special times

I don't know where to begin really. These are draining times, but the best times and I know it. I know that these silly pictures will bring me to tears in just a few years even. I am loving this.

Finally --Basketball!!!

My mom has been shocked that Douglas hasn't even taught the boys how to dribble a basketball. We saw some old basketball friends whose 5 year old can even dribble between his legs --whoa, so now we at least have a rim to get started. Darius and Zayin are getting incentives every 25 books they read and this was the first (thanks Craigslist).

Mexican Birthday

We are still celebrating 4 years old. Gotta admit though, our mexican restaurant is the best . .. $.99 kids meals that are so yummy . . .and a birthday hat . . .tortilla chips with whip cream . . . and memories . . . really, we should go every night.

The Zoo with Uncle

This was the first trip with Sollie to the zoo this year and it was so fun to watch him.
Does anyone need to go potty?

Uncle helped haul everyone around . . .wow, one of the funnest trips ever.

Yes, Titus carried on a conversation. "I gotta go now, my mom is calling me."

Lukas is a perfect baby!

UNCLE'S trip

Reading books, giving baths, tying shoes, jumping, wrestling, . . .and then even babysitting, letting me watch a movie . . . a pretty amazing week and the boys were crazy for "uncle". I was so thrilled when Isaiah said he was coming for a visit, and as I have told everyone, "I knew it would be nice, but I didn't know it would be this nice." I didn't know how much we were alike I think it was just a gift from the Lord for me at the perfect time. Isaiah, you were so fun, thank you fo making a special visit and for letting us ruin your glasses, jacket, shorts, shirts, etc.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Titus is . . . finally 4

April 21st. That morning was precious. I saw him first and was so excited for him. He has really been looking forward to this birthday. He said, "so, now I really am 4. Really, so now I am 4. Ok, mom, so now I am 4, ok." Then he went up to Zayin and gave him a precious hug and said, "I will never be mad at you again". Then he looked down at his clothes and said, "well, I can keep my little boys clothes." (I think he was dissapointed he didn't grow more that night). He since has said, "you know, mom, I can do whatever I want because now I am 4."

A day with Rebecca

Thanks for the fun day . . . wow, what a lot of branches TO PLAY ON OF COURSE!!!

Lukas found his thumb

Should I blog everything?


"please give me some privacy" while taking a shower was just to much to ask Titus one day . . . this is outside the bathroom door

Sat. Morning

We have entitled this picture: Looking Forward To Hawaii

Saturday, May 2, 2009


We now have bees, so bring your own EpiPens. Hopefully someday we will have honey too!! I have been pretty nervous, but really haven't seen more bees than usual so far. I hear it may help our garden too . . .maybe we will just have to not wear the yellow brazil shirts and wear baby perfume and do everything else we always do. : )