Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday night pizza

"I'm making holes in mine like they do at Cosco".

He took the challenge and ate the whole thing.


This is for mature readers only: Ok, so the bad news first. Yes, this was my Friday night. All of you young pups getting cute and having a big night out...this is real life. Organizing socks. I kept getting after the big boys for wearing unmatched socks. They were thinking this was fine and dandy seeing as their big cousins do it....16/17 year olds mind you. Fine, but really there came a point where I had to see what was going on. Then reality hit: 67 unmatched socks. I have a designated spot for the unmatched ones out of the laundry and the stack had grown impressively-hence a little extra guilt to sit and "do socks". Thankfully we are provided with hand me down socks...but still a little taste of humble pie. I really try, honestly, I really try to stay on top of every single detail around here... So, here goes: the final story. I do believe after all these years that the washing machine does eat socks. I was in denial as are most of you--especially the judgemental ones reading this blog, but you should see my washer--it's huge!!! But just in case we find one in a crack or cranny...I still have my "lone sock stash". I think I have Jaiden's lost sock, Lisee. : )