Monday, August 30, 2010

Seattle Ferry

Alki Beach with Grandma Kottke

Sunset in Steilacom

Sunset in Steilacom

I had to take this pic of grandma pushing the stroller with pizza and trying to corale grandkids. We really needed her, can't you tell?!

Happy Baby

Roman sure likes to be held, so thank goodness there are lots of loving hands.

Party Time Again

Some friends celebrated a birthday, but really made it such a special day for everyone that came. Thank you, friends. The boys just loved it!

The Park

I though we came to get their energy out?

Grandma Kottke is finally here

Roman's first bath from Grandma

We got out to celebrate right away.

We are all in love with Roman

Leaman Boys Swimming

Doug's "relaxing".

Lukas would not get in the water without clinging to Doug, but he wanted the outfit on to play the part.

Swimming all alone this year.

Roman is in love.

Finally Swimming for the Summer

Cheese Party

This was an absolutely fabulous party for some friends. They had a formal party right in the middle of their farm. It was so fun and it was Roman's first big party.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guess whose 1 month now

These pictures were taken on Roman's one month birthday. Aug. 2nd. He is growing and changing so fast. It is so fun.