Monday, May 20, 2013


So thankful boys have their own beds! It's too "scary" though. 
Little helpers!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Exciting days

Last nap before the boys get to have their own beds!
First breakfast in our own apartment!!! Yes, I cried. 
First Bible time at the breakfast table! What a dream come true and what a faithful father and husband! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


When we take the boys to school....the sweetest little feet I have ever known, run away and stand by this little hole in the wall (they have to climb the slide to see out). Lukas and Sollie wave goodbye to us everyday and watch us until there is no sight of mom or dad. It actually hurts my heart. It looks like they are in prison.  Yesterday, Sollie stayed home from school sick and Lukas was so sad to not have his favorite buddy there to play with him for the first little bit of the school day.
These guys are doing so well in school.  Sollie said he loves the counting. Lukas has little trials (ex: coming home with bite marks, getting hit, kicked...) with a few friends, but in Bible time today he said "if I only had one cookie left, I would give it to Guilermie". Progress.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little update

So amazing to have sweet friends in the área.  Doug went to college with Rogerio and came to Brazil with him about 20 years ago. Rogerio and Susan lived in São Paulo working for Athletes in Action for years....we were shocked when the Lord brought them to Recife área too. We were able to finally see them this week (it took almost 3 months)...what a great day!

Roman was counting the closepins in fun.  It rained for a few days and gave us a little relief from the heat and a chance to catch up on laundry (no pool time).

Well, we are trying to get everything possible ready for the container to arrive, so we made a big shopping trip.  We have been hearing about "Atacadao".  This is where a huge majority of people go to make a once a month shopping trip.  Honestly, it is exasperating to even go to the grocery store and this way we can save time, Lord willing, and buy bulk. There were 4 carts and 2 other people went to help us.  Our aunt´s maid went with us to teach me about what to buy and how to plan. It was almost an event.

It was so exciting to fill the was a family event.  We feel so blessed.  Although, I do miss Lucy´s kitchen! Hoping to not have to go to the store for months!!!!

Laundry room ready to go. 
Solomon had his first field trip.  He was so excited. I was able to sneak on the bus and check him out-he looked a little scared to me. He is such a big guy now and loves his schoolwork.