Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My bedroom

I picked a shade of gray, but it looked purple after I painted! We now have a purple room. Where was Rhaquel when I needed her to help pick a color.... And Lori and Emily and Sandra?
I will put on thankfulness.

My chevron... At last!

Chevron... I finally have a wall to paint!! I measured off and taped out the chevron, but ran into big trouble taking the tape off. So I know they say take it off when the paint is wet, but I had to do 3 layers ( the paint isn't so great here). So it dried and I had a lot of peeling. Help! Any suggestions?

A little more in Peroba.

Coconut water

We had great sermons too, I just didn't take pictures of that.

Amazing fruits and different foods all over.

This is Marlon Brando for the "famous actors" night. Doug just pinned a name tag "Brad Pitt" on. And, "no", Darius did not smoke the cigar.

Church camp...nice, huh?

Peroba beach! Churches run away from the city during carnival and our church went to this beautiful beach a few hours away.

Gringo. That is someone totally not Brazilian. Lukas is so funny ...the blond hair and blue eyes....hat etc...he sticks out a little.

The boys were not eating too much and then they busted out the crab. After these last years of being friends with the Marks, we learned how to eat crab, and the boys wanted to chow down. I was so amazed at the kind and patient men in the church, they just sat and got great bites of meat for the boys.

They kept eating and eating...


We made some homemade churros...take that Costco. All kinds of new things. The family here is trying to make it so fun for the boys. We are spoiled!

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First day of school.

We arrived on Friday and the boys started school on Monday! We were so thankful, one of our desires this last year was to make it in time for school.

Um, I'm thinking he is their new poster child.

First day went well, then it went down hill. Ha, kicking and screaming....but we are doing much better.

Physique on first day of school.

Must have been a long day, when I went to pick him up he had his backpack on upside down.

So cute.

First day of school was only 4 kids...the flu came on strong one by one...we were dropping like flies.

We made it.

All I can say is, imagine how Doug and I felt if the boys were this knocked out. :). The Lord gave us a great trip though!

Recife! There were drums and crazy music on arrival preparing for Carnival.

Sorry, Doug, I had to post it.


First drink of fresh orange juice in the Rio airport.

Waiting in line for the elevator with 16 bags, 10 hand bags, oh, and 6 boys I kept counting. Lots of stares.

Lots of little legs didn't work.

Last American ( ok Chinese meal). Mrs McManus told me to buy the boys a treat, so I let them pick their last meal on American soil. Of course they had to all pick something different....but we had time to spare and it was so delicious!!! Thank you, Mrs. McManus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we didn't lose anyone....

Catch up

We have the "best family in the whole wide world"!!!!!! They came to help us off at 6 am....we love you, Leamans.

Tara even met us ...with her badge!

From this pic to the next life was a blurr. God's grace is sufficient!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting a little energy out before school

I cannot catch up, so I have decided to just jump into blogging again. Boys got their homework done and needed a little break. Praying for Lukas to not throw a fit to go to school today, and we are so thankful zayin started eating and smiling a little again. He was really struggling. I will show my paint job on the living room soon. We are busy, but truly have a peace in being here.