Saturday, August 31, 2013

Doug speaking

This was a huge and exciting week! We are so privileged to be here! Doug spoke at the first biblical counseling conference in Recife. There were more than 400 people!!  Just wanted to give you a peek! 

Finally a few Pinterest projects

Table runner.... Needed an excuse to finally get the guts to try and make one. A friend posted one her mom was making and it was inspiring ;)
I just had to try and make the Pom Poms. I know u all have done it, but I had to learn.  We had a special baby shower this week.
Come on, u know u all look at the banners on Pinterest.....and finally- I am obsessed with frittatas!! Giada's recipes are wonderful and it's another winner for leftovers that all the boys love!

Miss Tara!

We had a special night out with TARA and the family! The 3 big boys got to go to an all u can eat meat restaurant for the first time. Pretty exciting!

Miss grandma!!

School bike ride

Thanks CFC! Zayin and Darius got to go on the school bike ride today. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So the big boys hitched a ride and came to meet us in Porto. Our Tia Suzana has great ideas and we decided to go and visit the "mange" the boys are learning about. These trees and roots are the home of cherished marine life- so went to go see. Remember that I pretty much only post fun things.... No dirty laundry or dishes on the blog! We do live a lot of reality around here.
A seahorse!!! This pic is for our cousins!!!
We have mentioned how everything in life is better with Tara here, right?

Porto de Galinhas

It was an absolutely amazing day with grandma and Tara. We came to Porto de Galinhas to see the ocean and we got to see some fish! It was a special day for the three little boys!!  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Long day

Lukas, now known as our toughest son, smiled and giggled getting his blood taken. After he said, "is all the gluten gone now?"  Then the nurses gave him popcorn and I said "they gave u popcorn because u were so brave." Lukas asked, "do they give the kids popcorn who aren't brave?"Solomon got a bad poke in the eye with a stick. We are praising God it wasn't worse...and that it wasn't a brother who poked him ;)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Homegrown peppers. Titus thought they were tomatoes and popped one. Ended in drama.
Tara is with us- so everything in life is better!! She went fishing and filled our freezer. 
So we had fish for lunch today thanks to grandma!
First day of "futsal"..... So exciting!!! The boys have been so patient, but finally we are letting them play 2 nights a week. They were so happy... And 2 big boys got birthday shoes "to play better of course!"

Masters college girls

Girls Masters college bball team was here and we had a fun time running them around for a day.  Then 12 girls came and had dinner and showers at our home. We are so grateful for a home we can use for these things!
We spent the afternoon at a "day time orphanage". 90 percent of these children's lives are impacted directly with drugs. 


I know there are several pics of Roman lately.... But come on. Three year olds are the best!!! 

Friday, August 2, 2013


We had one week before classes and a sweet friend and I took off for a beach in Peroba. It is a peace of "heaven" where our friends have a family beach house. It is the same home we had our church camp at this year. It was such a treat to just be with the boys and focus on them before the routine and rush of school.