Friday, April 11, 2008

Oatmeal anyone???


I think this is the best thing in the world.
New jamba juice bottles . . .just a trick to get them drinking lots. Yeah, it worked.
I have a high chair now. I eat shark.
Titus just kept falling asleep everywhere. What an angel.
Oh, I love this part of sick kids.

King Tut needs his pillow, blanket, and homemade chicken noodle soup.

I think everyone is happy in this picture.
Happy to be home with brothers even if they stick their big fat toes in his face.

I love this picture. Only Doug is missing.
Poor Doug.
Any Kottke knows that Grandma gives the baths to the babies. Anyway, Sollie got a full body microdermabrasian . . I think he liked his bath after we convinced Grandma to let him soak for a minute after the trama.
OH, so sweet.

Drake and Sollie were both crying . . does anybody care???

Leah and Sollie's trip to Indy

Grandpa Kottke is the best!!!!! Sollie sure got spoiled!!!!
Sollie and his new cousin DRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of toys . . .and, yes, he is sitting up now.
I came to Indy to see DRAKE!!! He is wonderful. I wanted to keep him, but Aunt Norah said "NO." I will try again in Jan.
I had to put this picture in . . we all looked a little worked over, but hey, we are happy.
So, I got a little vacation to go home to Indiana. Sollie and I left and stayed for a whole week. I didn't wash a dish, do a load of laundry, I went to bed and slept for hours and hours . . . it was amazing!!! I also got to shop for a few days and was so spoiled (starbucks, new shoes, etc helped). I was revitatlized . .. I think??!! But hey, this blog isn't about me so on to more pictures.


We pray for these boys to grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. We are definately growing in stature. This picture just had to be posted!!!