Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This was on the way home from Enumclaw. Doug has been preaching this month at a wonderful church there. We got to take Rhaquel a few times and even Kaylee once. Wow, what a help especially when Lukas and Sollie wanted to fall asleep in someone's arms at the same time. Happy Father's Day too. This was a great day to celebrate the best Dad we know.

A day to Olympia

The summer days are so fun when we can just run out for a while. There are so many fun things close to us. This is in Olympia. We got to go to the Farmer's Market and see the water. This is our new favorite picture of Lukas. He is getting so big and even rolling over.

Happy Birthday to Jaiden

You all know, a lot goes into these great pictures.

A day out with Dad

If you all didn't know, you can get helmets at the fire station for bike riding.
We started the outing with a little ice cream (from Costco of course) . . . everything just fell into place after that.


As I am reminded by a good friend: This is what boys are supposed to do, right?!?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bath time.

Sollie just couldn't handle the temptation to jump in too. Talk about a farmer's tan. I know the tub is gross, but it is almost 30 years old--we will happily take donations to get a new one.

Still Potty time

Ok, so I know you all think I am obsessed with pictures of Sollie. But I had to take this picture when I came in and saw him so captivated with RC Sproul's Tabletalk. He looked as if he was really reading it when I walked in.

Softball game

Breah and Parker are playing ball this year and doing great. We got to see a little of Breah's game and she was so fun to watch. These are a few pics of the beautiful day and you can even see Mt. Rainier in the backround of Zayin's picture. I couldn't think of the best title for Titus's and Sophie's pic. Any sugguestions?

Doctor's office

I must admit that being placed in a room 5'x9' with our 5 boys can doing some serious damage to my brain cells. The problem being that never has it been a quick visit. We often leave and we are the only ones left in the office --the receptionist is often even gone. Inventing games, doing tricks, reading books, reading signs, looking at the walls, begging for them to be "just a little quieter", talking, talking talking about just about everything . . .anyway . .. we have added one more time filler to our last office visit--taking pictures for you all. As you can see Sollie can even give a "cheese face" now. And, Lukas weighs 14 pounds now.

Hughey Track Meet

I really should write more about my nieces and nephews. These are just two. Brandon and Kaylee. We went to their track meet--where they did amazing and it was so fun to watch. But, I am more proud of them than words can say for more than track. Brandon and Kaylee are beautiful examples continually to our boys. They are patient, kind, loving . . .the fruits of the Spirit are clearly and consistently evident in their lives. I have treasured these years with them. I am also thankful for their help with the boys. What a treasure you are to us! We love you.

Leaman Boys doing track

Making up their own track events.

I was trying not to take it too personal that the big boys wanted to sit up high...away from me.

Sleeping like angels

These boys crack me up. We have room for them to be all spread out and comfortable, but nope. No matter what all the 3 big boys end up snuggled all night long. I had to take a pic of this.