Tuesday, November 30, 2010

6 boys

More updates soon . . .but this pic will hopefully hold you over.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day at the dentist

Somehow, they convinced me they were so good they deserved lunch out.

First big dentist trip. Wow, bravest of all. "Seriously".

Lukas got to sit in the dentist seat and it only cost insurance $200. He wouldn't open his mouth and they wouldn't try.

Yes, me too -and Lukas just had to see. Don't you love my shades? Ug. I think the moms should get treats after these things. Tokens, sure, anything!

Sollie brushing his teeth

It all pays off: his teeth were fantastic at the dentist visit!


This big brother is wonderful. He wanted to buy all the brothers a little treat today . . .and our friend Abby! So sweet. I couldn't believe this pic on the bottom. He is helping me make dinner and keeping Roman happy all at the same time. How many males do you know that can double task?

johnny jump up