Thursday, May 6, 2010

And a little more Darius too.

A little more Zayin

Sometimes we just need a pic of Zayin.

Yippee for the sunshine.


So cute.

Our neighbor got some "baby turkeys". The boys got to hold them and just loved it. Sollie has been telling everyone, "I hold the baby turkey, and I dop it." (drop)

So advanced.

I was going to brag a little, but then I saw the book was upside down. He is into books lately though.

Pretty smart for 5 now.

As I was walking out the door to run some errands, Titus wanted to come. Great with me--I love getting time 1 on 1 with the boys. So, he has figured out when it is just he and mom we usually get a treat . . . I kept hearing, "Is this the treat mom? Is this it? When is my treat?" We definately got at treat--a little lunch with a friend.

Zoo with Daddy.

Such a sweet big brother.

This pic is a little dark, but look closely: Doug is actually smiling and he even said he was having a good time. How fun is that? Did someone pass his licensure exams?

The aquarium.

The aquarium doesn't let strollers in, so I haven't gone in too often with the boys. But the best part of the day, was having Doug with us . . . and we got to go in and Lukas loved the fish.


This was watching the yak . . .that yak we are still hearing about every day.

Ok, Doug, here it is posted. A pic of me. Ug. Pregnant ladies should be allowed into hiding. And, ladies, hats are sure a help on those bad hair days. Why haven't I been wearing hats all along?

Amazing boys!

There are moments of pure heaven with boys. Really. I went to talk to Doug in the school room early one morning and Darius decided to lead the troops in a "let's clean the house for mom." Wow, I know the pictures aren't great, but they give an idea of how they just did a nearly perfect job. Then all through the day I kept finding little other things they had done (like organizing Mom and Dad's shoes in our room). So, simply said . . . off to the zoo we went for a big THANK YOU AND DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW PLEASE.

a little more DQ

Being pregnant, really is there anything better than icecream? So we just needed another excuse . . .how about coupons? $3 for making us all happy!!! Believe it or not, I didn't eat all mine.

Good morning!

Someone discovered jam for breakfast!!!

Olympia Outting!!!

Coleson, you are a great pal!!!

He actually said, "I heart you, Mom". Whoa, am I in love or what?

A clam. I try and be excited, but really am just glad I have wipies to clean their hands.

DQ for birthday celebrations!

We got to do to DQ for a bithday treat with Titus. How exciting to find out it was buy a blizzard get one for $.25. I think everyone was pretty happy. Lukas sure was excited.

Happy Birthday Titus!

He is 5!!! Wow! The big hoopla was a knight cake!!!