Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lots of attempts for a Christmas Card

I adore this picture for sure. I am crazy about all the boy's feet.
Check out Titus's eyes too. What a nut.

Hello, is anyone ready for a pic?

Anyone missing?

Mr. Cranky pants. I love this pic.

Backtracking to July

I am going back a few months. I am finally getting pictures from our Leaman family reunion last July . . .

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Morning

Doug at about 2 pm came and said, "what am I going to do with the boys?" You know, 4 boys inside can bring everything to 'a level' ya know . . . especially when they are Indians. So, they were shooting guns in the garage, sword fighting, and now I think they finally pulled out the video games.

Pretty intense.
This pic doesn't really need a comment, does it?

In the morning Doug was mowing the lawn and Sollie stood at the door yelling "dada" until I finally bundled him up and Doug rode around with him on his lap. Exhausting. Thank you Doug for the nap . . .what a great man, but you all knew that.

A new update.

The big news here is Darius lost his first tooth. Wow, I am getting sentimental about all this.
This would be Sollie being a cranky pants.

We put the extra leaves in the table for Thanksgiving . . . All of the sudden there was a new spot to run the tractors.

Sollie now has to be up at the table now that he can climb up on the chairs.
He is a slight genious . . .a geoboard at 13 months.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Raking Leaves

Wow, what a great worker.

I love my studious men.

Yep, osmosis. Computer games . . . I am so glad they like being together . . .a lot.


Sollie is learning from his brothers! He is imitating everything now a days.
He had to be big stuff and sit at the table . . . he thought he was hot stuff.

This would be Sollie any day at about 4pm. Any mom knows exactly what this picture is. It is your precious child wanting to be held at the worst time possible.
Yes, we just saw him with M&Ms. . . he found a Hershey's bar for smores this time. He was quite content and happy after eating half of this bar--really I do watch him, but he inhaled half a chocolate bar pretty fast ya know.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A big party!

I got to help some friends out with a wedding reception and it was so fun. I did the appetizers and desserts. There were a lot more pictures and desserts, but I will spare you all those pictures. If anyone out there is needing some catering help . . . yeah, sure, but I am really expensive. I don't know if any of you could afford me, . . . really.

hodgepodge of pics

This would be how the boys quickly "obeyed" and hung up all their jackets. Hey, they are off the floor right?
Letters from Grandma Kottke.

This is Titus being and ant.

Titus and his new cowboy hat. Oh, so cute.

This would be Sollie who found a few peanut m&ms. Does anyone else think there is way too much dye on those things? I mean really, he could have painted the whole carpet with just one or two blue ones.


Someone informed me that blogging should be writing. Well, we all know you just want the pictures . . does anyone really read those long blogs? But I do need to mention my birthday a little. I would like to admit that I am totally spoiled. I didn't call Christina on my birthday, because I didn't want her to know how good I had it . . . knowing that no one has probibly ever come and given her breakfast in bed (seeing as Doug was gone), then Carol and her kids took all the boys--if you need a lesson on how to treat someone good . . just ask the Hughey Family. I got to shop, go out for lunch that week, hang out with friends, then I got a weekend with my husband. Which also needs a public "thankyou" to Sandra. I didn't think after 4 boys that anyone would ever watch our boys (even though they are almost perfect if you didn't know that). Wow, thank you all . . .I am so grateful.

It was a long day.

This was quite a day for us. Titus got his foot run over by the grocery cart. Darius had a bloody nose . . .Our car broke down, I got a call I had to take the 3 hour glucose blood test . . .but hey, Zayin is doing grand. Sollie was pretty cute though comforting Darius . . .he doesn't like it when his brothers are sad.