Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009


Eat your heart out, Uncle Isaiah. We get Mom's perfectly fabulous, made with lots of love breakfasts. Granted, you've got the beach . . . A little bit of a spring fever for the boys ended up in a car washing event.

Fitting right in.


A good one of Sollie.

God always puts people in our lives that just reflect His goodness to us. We have wonderful brother and sisters in the Lord all around us. Thank you, for all these pictures, friends.

Lukas and Sollie

Dearest Sollie. Well, of course one question everyone keeps asking is, "how is Sollie doing?" It was so fun to see his reaction to Lukas. All the boys wanted to hold Lukas, so certainly so did Sollie. He wanted to have us hold him and put him close -- then he was content. He would just lean back and snuggle with him. Then when we would take him away he would start to fuss and want him back. Then the thumb went back in. It has been so fun.


Our sweet Lukas came to us on Jan. 26th, 2009. What a gift from the Lord! He is so wonderful and is just fitting in perfect with our little family. He is just perfect. This was his first bath moments after he was born. We couldn't believe his hair.


thanks Grandpa Kottke for the fries--a great end to a fun day!

Photo shoot take 1. This makes me laugh so hard.

Section 2: Photo Shoot with Grandma

More Playing

One cute Papa.

A little snack after all that playing.
Getting ready for a war. Anyone seen a little too much Prince Caspian lately?

Flying a kite with Daddy. (Did I really need to write that for you?)

That kept him occupied for a while.

Putting Grandma to work!!!!

Waiting days. . . waiting for Grandma Kottke and baby Leaman

Was Grandma trying to say something here?
Yippee, she finally made it. Grandma Kottke came and now everything is better in all our lives.

We were at the airport waiting the long expected Grandma. What a fun day.

Now, we spent lots of time doing "calm and qiet" activities--well, quiet is a relative term.

Sollie now fits right in. He gets down where his brothers are and chills. Hands behind his head, feet crossed, and of course belly hanging out.