Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lukas is 5

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Vacation from school!!!

Sollie lost his second tooth and having an auntie around made the old tooth fairy look cheapo.

This was a pic from our fun time in Carneiros. We had the kids eat first.....ya know- so there was room and all.

Now this is vacation for Dad.

Then we met some dear friends in Serrambi. Some of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen!

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

We miss the dollar menu

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Break from school!

Poor Darius woke up with a cockroach on his face. The best part is he thought I was tickling him and kept saying, "stop mom"!

We changed from catching frogs to crabs! They are found best by the light of the moon.

The best part of these days is a little more time with Daddy!!


My inlaws have been here and Dennis made a dream come true for me. We wake up and most days he has gone to get us fresh bread for breakfast! We may keep them here forever!!

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Now we get to play!

You may remember my rule...if we are invited to the beach...WE GO!!!

God has been kind and given me such wonderful friends.  The best part about these friends...they live and breathe theology!!  Amazing!! Well, and they love the beach too.

Doug spoke at the orphanage where he was born.  We took the little boys and they got to swim a little. There was ice cream and a puppy...it was a fun day!

End of the year- awful busy!

We have had a lot of sick kids this last year. Sollie just grabbed a pot and went to rest.

I finally found a good sugar cookie recipe- just in time for "Brazilian thanksgiving"

Darius and Zayin were in the school cantata.

We got to go to school for a day and see some of the things the boys have been working on.

  We made the biggest shopping trip ever and I am so glad. It is now 2 months later and we haven't had to wait in line at the grocery store yet!!!

Hard workin man

Doug cracks me up..... He often looks quite the foreigner..... Or the absent minded professor perhaps!?!