Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A great product!

We would like to promote and recommend a great product for all you sports fans and hunters. GAME FX invented by a friend in Indy.


Sob sob

Hmmm, another ghiradelli stop. I wanna go back!

Well, thank you Chicago. We are ready for trip two!!! And thank you, my girls, you are so dear to me!!!

Day 2

Shop on!!

There may have been a tired moment, but we managed to shop on shop on!!

Happy birthday, Dear Norah!

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Oh, my love.

This just needs an entire post by itself.

And now for dessert...

Location:ghiradelli, baby!

Chicago pizza!!

Tired feet and all, we still knew our priorities......get some of that deep dish pizza!!

After seeing this picture, Zayin asked if aunt Greta ate the whole pizza. Hmmmm how should I reply to that one?

Happy birthday, Norah

We Kottke girls take turning 30 very off we went to Chicago.

The magnificent mile. We sure walked it-several times!!