Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This was the best sprinkler ever for playing in the hot sun.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Where do I begin? First, we really need this restaurant here. I couldn't get enough. I am serious. Ask Norah. I was so absolutely giddy going with a "same minded" human. We had them in like clock work. Amid the germs, feeding, feeding baby, huge spills, pukings, more pukings, potty breaks, washing hands in the bathroom, drink refills, keeping everyone happy, then throw in the trying to be sane and carry on normal conversation (does that really exist for mothers?), picking up all the trash and getting another puke bag (the puking was outside for those a little concerned) . . .add a few phone calls for "we'll meet you at Chick-Fil-A" . . . well, anyway "here's to you, Norah, you are fabulous. But than again I think I say that all the time."

Lukas's favorite toy

This was Lukas's favorite toy at grandma's house. I am sure Sollie managed to smash his fingers in it a few times.


Drake, Drake, Drake, it is all we can think about since Indy.

Yes, the horses.

Really, could we have gone to Indy and not see the horses? Well, the boys anyway. I am sure I was napping or something.

Great Grandma

It was so good to see my Grandma . . . the boys great grandma Kottke. It was the most wonderful time. The boys just thought she was amazing--because she is.

So much fun.

Just taking baths was even more fun . . .in Grandpa's big tub.



First Baby Food for Lukas

Whose got the bib on here?

Uncle Justin too

This pic is great. Uncle was entertaining Sollie with the i-phone. Drake was just like, "yeah, I know all this already".

Uncle helped entertain too.

Uncle Isaiah helped them learn how to use a lighter. Thanks, really, thanks.

Play ball.

And he even took the boys to go see miniature donkeys. Who would have known Indy would be so fun???

Jump and Play from a Different Derspective

Lukas just loved the jump and play.

I had waited for months to see how these guys got along. It was so fun to watch. I think they were more on the same page than we even knew.

Jump and Play

Just a little proof that Norah is one of the best moms--she even went down the slide with Drake.
Wow, we realized early that we needed excapes to get all this energy out for the boys. Aunt Norah had great ideas.

July 2009

Grandma and Grandpa stocked up for the cereal snacks.
It was so fun to have new toys around. Do you think he can see himself in the mirror?

Swimming in Indy

This is Doug having fun. : )

When we got back to WA, the boys were asked if they had fun in Indiana. Darius said, "we were so spoiled. We got to swim whenever we wanted." Thanks Lewis family. We had so much fun in the pool.

All night flight with boys.

The kids did fine on the all night flight. Doug and I were feeling a little old. What we don't do to save a few bucks, huh? This is Titus sound asleep though in Chicago. Seeing as he didn't sleep till 4am.
Everyone was sleepin and Titus was just having a blast on the plane.

The boys are sleeping and you can see Titus with the pillow case over his head. He was so excited that he didn't sleep for hours, and then he decided to put the pillow over his head and sleep?!?

On our way to Indiana--yippee

This is a big "thank you, Doug" for the trip!!!
Having fun.

We have lots of photographers now a days.