Friday, August 29, 2008


While Sollie is busy climbing into anything he can find, Darius, Zayin, Titus, and I are making apple sauce, dried apples, apple butter, fruit leather, apples pies. . .chicken pot pies (with garden food), blackberry pies, blackberry duff, blackberry cereal, canning green beans, canning anything that gets in our way as we are on a MISSION, canning, canning, eating garden food, corn on the cob, can you tell that is all I have done for days . . .I think that there is more than this garden over here. Cabbage salad, lettuce salad, beets, onions, bla bla I will let you stop reading this now before I start the zucchini and squash stories. I stopped canning last year when I puked from the smell of tomatoes . . . the boys believe me now when I say I am going to PUKE. It is amazing though how they really can help this year.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

VBS the little kids singing for you


So, Doug and Darius made breakfast often this week (I may have still been in bed at this point). . .do you wonder in 10 years how many loafs of bread it will take to make french toast for all these guys??? (Well, now you know I sure think about it). This is Sollie, who is officially tired of blackberries by now. . .free blackberries. We have been picking them everyday and freezing to have them all year. Well, I got a pic of Darius and Zayin marching in on the last night for UPS, TBS, . . .or otherwise known as VBS. Titus said his verse so well. Yes, I was one of those mothers up there with the camera for these special moments, and NO I don't care what you all think. I am a sap and I admit it.

Does anybody care????

Does anyone care that they are all in my bed and there is no room for me??? And, does anyone care that the pots and pans are drums at 9am before church???

Sollie update

So, now he is totally into FOOD!! He is standing all by himself, and who knows he could even be reading this book Grandma sent all by himself at this rate. He is getting into drawers and cabinets too!!!

More Summer !

Lots of summer days mean filling our little pool, some days with water and somdays with mud.

Zayin had a breakthrough. He finally let go of the railings. After years of contentment playing on the steps and holding on to ladders he finally realized he could wander in the entire pool. Yippee. Now, all he wants to do is swim. A little exciting and a little sad, I still struggle when they don't need me much any more.