Monday, July 18, 2011

Someone likes to swing!

Happy Birthday, Darius!!!

We love you!!! You are finally 9!!!

Creation Museum

It was a great family outting and birthday party for us. The boys were thrilled with the petting zoo- petting zoo-we had to remind Sollie as he was picking up the goats and acting like their farmer. And yes, we did wash our hands...again and again and again.

This was also Darius's special birthday present! Wow, you are 9!!

Creation Museum

On our way back from West Virginia, the Lord worked out every detail for us to go to the Creation Museum in Ohio. It was such a treat to see and the boys loved it!!
Roman even enjoyed the all day ride.


Man Time

Hiking, caving, getting more manly...thanks Uncle Bruce!

West Virginia

Caleb introduced us to all kinds of fun in W VA!!


It's been very hot...but very fun!!

3 little cousins

I love this picture. The 3 little cousins were watching a water fight ouside with all the "big cousins". It was so hard to watch!

Artists in the family?

Trying to have a little summer fun!!

We are all HAPPY!!

I'm finally 1!


Happy Birthday Dear Roman!

Waking up and being 1 is so fun! Good morning!!

We love Indy!!!

I love this picture that needs some red eye editing...but the boys are sure loving their time with family here. They may never want to leave. :)

Good times

This picture isn't too clear, but I needed to post a little memory. The boys went antiquing with me one afternoon and THEY LOVED IT!!! It was so cute and they were so into it.

Fireworks...the home ones.

We had some looker oners. They were sure cute too.

Sound effects and all.

Thanks to Uncle Zaya we had some fun sparklers this year. We visited a friend for the "big ones"...professional ones, to where Darius's comment was, "Uncle Tims are still better than this."

Saturday, July 16, 2011