Friday, January 16, 2009

Almost there

Zayin makes me laugh a lot. This time he was laughing trying to hug me. I loved it. He says it is getting pretty hard, and he can't reach around me anymore.

Some of my favorite moments.

Truly some of my favorite moments as a mom are those times I could have never planned or dreamed of --when I wish I could freeze everything. Depending on my sleep --things may be more sentimental at times and irritating at others. I think when I find these little things it makes me smile and enjoy life. These would be a few stuffed animals taking their bottles. Also, check out the tub toys. A few exciting battles are taking place.

Fun with Dad

We are thrilled to have had these few weeks with Daddy. Can you see everyone smiling?!? Doug, I love you .

Friday, January 2, 2009

"just what I wanted"

"Do we need to say much here. . . Tim and Darcy got Darius, 'just what I wanted'."

Leaman Family Christmas

We had the Washington Leamans all home for Christmas and Grandma and Grandpa spoiled us all. The kids all get a present from a cousin and the grandparents. Whoa, it was pretty exciting.
Titus . . . or Darth Vader.

Ok, the best part of this picture is Zayin's face. You cannot imagine how many speaches they have heard on "it truly is better to give than receive". So, when I saw this picture I was so happy.

A ball . . . no better gift for a little boy!!!!!

Thank you grandpa Kottke!!! We love the telescope!

Darius is holding the phone for Titus to talk to Grandpa too.

Here is Darius calling Grandpa on Christmas morning.

This is the boys opening the gift and so excited. They have been looking at the box in our room for weeks, waiting to open it.

Christmas Morning.

We had a sweet Christmas morn. It was fun to hear the boys waking up and talking. It was fun to snuggle them all up in bed with us and read the Christmas story. You can be sure there was no lack of pure doctrine given to the boys from Daddy. It is so fun to see their tender hearts at special times like this.
Then they got a few stocking stuffers . . .

Doug gave Sollie some special stocking stuffer snacks to keep him occupied while the big boys looked in their stockings. . .he about ate a whole container of them too. He ate for about 45 minutes that morning.

Church Christmas program.

OH, so cute. . . you should have seen them sing. Also, I would like to publically thank Amy for putting "wearing a tie" into their heads.

White for Christmas.

Sollie . . .this is for you Tia Suzanna!!!

One more shot at Christmas cookies (it may take till next Christmas to make more ya know). We made a gingerbread house and everybody got a turn at the rolling pin.
Ok, so if any of you know about our last months. Well, we are a little desperate to see Daddy. He came upstairs and the boys followed him everywhere just waiting for a glimpse of him. They even peeked under the door in the bathroom. This is Sollie and Titus --kindof funny them hanging out in the hallway, they just usually barge in on me.

Check me out in my new outfit from Gradma.

A pose.

Yep, more snow.

Showing us deer tracks by our front window.

Just dreaming.

"mom, watch, we can eat it cause' its not yellow."