Sunday, September 14, 2008

Garden Picture!

A nearly daily event from our garden . . . praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Where do I begin? Well, after the birthday the boys started a countdown to go out for dinner with Connie and Eddie. Seeing as the boys have eaten out like 2 times I have been a little nervous. But of course, Connie had balloons, crayons, coloring books, . . .Hors D'Oeuvres ordered. I guess I was overwhelmed from the beginning . . .seeing as well that someone actually invited us out for dinner with 4 boys! Wow, it was such a treat!!! We even got dessert!!! Sollie got to have french fries . . .he got to have whatever he wanted as long as he stayed sweet and happy. You can see he even got a little icecream. As you can also see Doug is the greatest Dad in the world. I would like to thank you, Connie and Eddie, for treating us so kind. You have never asked for anything or expect anything, but just continue to flood us with kindness. We are so amazed how God placed you in our lives. Thank you, once again!

Finally, the official birthday day.

Zayin has been counting the days for weeks for this birthday. As you can see we have celebrated and partied for weeks. He has been so worked up that on the official day, he was exhausted by 3 and couldn't stop crying about a splinter in his foot. We had a wonderful day swimming, pizza, and of course his official birthday dinner of corn on the cob, teriyaki chicken, broccoli . . .and a chocolate cake. I hadn't made the cake and after the 3 pm cry, my dear friend gave me the greatest advice of, "just buy a cake." A lady watching us at costco started laughing at us when Darius said . . .(trust me you have no idea how many people just stare . . . I want to wear a shirt that says, "yes, I have my hands full, and, nope, it is a boy on the way" . . . anyway, Darius was saying, but Mom, how can you make this cake for just $2???" It killed me to spend $ on a cake, but in the end it saved a little bit of my sanity. Thank you, Lori, for great advice. And thank you Zayin, for the birthday. What a wonderful day to celebrate what God has given us. A wonderful 5 years with a sweet and precious boy I am dearly in love with.


RIDES, RIDES, RIDES!!!!! The boys got to go for lots of rides for Zayin's birthday. (It was dollar day). But, it was sure fun. I waved at least a million times at them over a two hour period. Titus only hated the roller coaster . .. "it was scary." I am such a succer and it was so fun to see them so happy. I will start saving my quarters for next year. And, without a doubt, these boys were the sweetest, cutest, and most grateful boys at the fair!!!!!

Another birthday event! The Fair!!

We had a great day at the fair. The boys did push-ups for the Army guys and got free footballs. We got to see lots of animals, do the jiggle foot, and did lots and lots of hand washing.

Zayin's second birthday event!

What a fun day. We finally got to go to the rodeo this year. Titus says I have to say "howdy part-en-er". Yes, I dress them all in bright yellow, write my cell phone on their number on their bellies, and have to have them all in arms length . . .but I think we all still enjoyed it. I actually got to sit for a couple of hours--talk about a fun time!!!!

Zayin's first birthday party!

This would be the first party for Zayin. What a party! Video games, air hockey, chocolate cake, and much more.